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Lululeopardz King

These are the male cats that make up the Kings of Lululeopardz and produce are top-quality kittens. 

PoshBengalSpots Mercury Rising

Silver (Black) Spotted Tabby (SBT)

Date of Birth: 10/15/2020

Sire: Silverstorm Titanium Knight

Dam: CosmicBengal Lady Sterling

Pedigree: Click here

Pk-Def - Clear

PRA-B - Clear

HCM - Normal

Here is my big, beautiful silver boy. He has a super clear coat, stunning rosettes, no rib bars, a great head, small rounded ears, and piercing green eyes. Great structure, fat tail with a checkered pattern. Best of all, he is a big teddy bear and loves to be cuddled. 

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