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Lululeopardz Queens

These are the female cats that make up the Queens of Lululeopardz and our mommas to our sweet kittens. 

Lululeopardz Harley Quinn

Brown Rosetted (SBT)

Date of Birth: 01/21/2022

Sire: Lululeopards Kovu

Dam: Leap of Faith Keara

Pedigree: Coming Soon

PK-Def: Clear by parentage

PRA-B: Clear by parentage

HCM: Pending

Harley Quinn is our homegrown girl from Keara and Kovu. She has the best of both of her parents - long and lean body like her mom; great ears and head type like her dad. She has a smooth glass coat with lots of glitter. We can't wait to see what she produces!

Leap of Faith Keara of Lululeopardz

Brown Rosetted (SBT)

Date of Birth: 03/19/2018

Sire: Kitten Katz Phenomenon of Leap of Faith

Dam: Callista Tink of Leap of Faith

Pedigree: Coming Soon

PK-Def: Clear

PRA-B: Clear

HCM: Pending

Keara is the whole package - great structure, long and lean body, gorgeous rosetted coat, round nocturnal eyes, and rounded ears. She is a sweetheart and loves playing fetch. She has produced some great kittens. Thank you, Angie Moreland, for the treasure that is Keara.

Sirocco Maja of Lululeopardz

Brown Rosetted Spotted (SBT)

Date of Birth: 08/14/2019

Sire: Kanput Apocalypto of Sirocco

Dam: Fashion Bengals Africa of Sirocco

Pedigree: Click here

PK-Def: Clear

PRA-B: Clear

HCM: Normal

Maja traveled all the way from Sirocco Bengals in Poland to join the Lululeopardz family. Thank you, Anna Ada, for this stunning girl! Maja has the shortest, tightest coat I have ever seen which is very contrasted. She has gorgeous red and gold rosettes. Maja is such a sweet girl and loves being a mom.

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